Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Fuck Rock Lets Art

Are you a motherfucking art collector? I've written another book, this one is a collection of art and essays and is an EXTREMELY limited edition of 100 copies.

  • The book is A5 size and the cover is grooved and folded twice to give a thickness of 600g/m²
  • Full colour printing inside
  • The book has an exposed spine sewn together with pink thread - not by me by a professional book making motherfucker 
  • Each book will have a unique front cover based on 6 different designs - these are hand drawn by me.
  • Each book is numbered and signed.
The book is a collection of high quality full colour scans of each of my paintings with an essay to go with each one

I discuss my hatred of the CIA funded Abstract Expressionism movement, I explain how to play the vacuum cleaner like a musical instrument, why I love discarded demo tapes and much, much more...

The book ships in 3 weeks.

If you choose to preorder the book you can pick which design you would like for the front cover and also have a motherfucking dedication written into the front of the book for you or a friend.

When preordering is finished the designs for the cover will be sent out at random and there will be no chance for a motherfucking dedication.

The book with a dedication, would make a great motherfucking present to someone.

Also available as a  special preorder is a smaller version of my Formed a Band painting. This completes the set of  12 x17cm sized paintings I have been making over the last few months and will only be available with the special preorder of this book.

Finally the really special editions will come with the book, the Formed a Band painting and either the original lyrics to St Pauli, Clever Clever Jazz, Ignorance Is Bliss or Sealand that I painted over the top of for my last book. 

As these are the actual lyrics from when I wrote the songs torn from my notebook there is only one of each available.

Normal Preorder is  £20 HERE

Special Formed a Band Preorder is  £35 HERE

REALLY SPECIAL LYRIC PREORDER is £70  and you can email me here



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