Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Wam! Bang! Pow!

I'm in the middle of saying goodbye to some paintings by creating them over and over again I wrote about the process HERE

Last week it was Ignorance is Bliss

This week it is Wam! Bang! Pow!

Wam! Bang! Pow! (Lets Rock Out) is a song by my band The Lo Fi Punk Rock Motherfuckers! You can hear it/buy it HERE

And you can buy the Wam! Bang! Pow! painting (£15 each including postage in acrylic on canvas board 7" x 5")

back in the shop which is HERE

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ignorance Is Bliss - For One Week Only.

I'm in the middle of saying goodbye to various pieces of art by painting them over and over again. A process I enjoy and wrote about HERE

Last week (well a little over a week, sorry I've been busy) I was saying goodbye to Fuck Rock Lets Art

This week I'm saying goodbye to Ignorance Is Bliss.

Some people say ignorance is bliss, I disagree. I really liked smoking and I'd still be doing it if I didn't know it killed me. I wish nobody had told me.

These versions of Ignorance Is Bliss cost £15 each (including postage) are on 5" x 7"canvas board and in acrylic paint.

You can buy them in my shop which is HERE

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Girl From Atlanta.

I love Boz Boorer, I think he's great. He's written the music for pretty much all of my favourite Morrissey songs and the few times I've met him I've thought 'this guys amazing I want to get drunk with him'

Sadly I've not had a chance to get drunk with him (yet). We have however written a song together, I was flattered when he asked me, delighted to say yes and even more delighted when I heard the music.

The song is called 'Girl From Atalanta' and is actually more about my favourite city in America than any actual girl from there.

The first time Art Brut played in Atlanta we had a great night and ended up at a place called The Drunken Unicorn. I got very drunk and danced on the bar, I may even have rolled around on the floor a little bit too. The second time Art Brut played Atlanta we went back to the Drunken Unicorn and this time they were handing out flyers with 'EDDIE ARGOS'S FAVOURITE CLUB NIGHT IN AMERICA' written on them. I hadn't told them it was my favourite club night - although it definitely very much was - they must have just seen the look of enjoyment on my face the previous time I was there and thought THAT MAN IS HAVING THE BEST TIME OF HIS LIFE.

I love Atlanta, not just the Drunken Unicorn but every gig and every venue I've been to there. With a special shout out to The Earl which is a great venue. When I wrote the words to Girl From Atlanta, deep down I was secretly hoping that Fabrique Records who are releasing the single would send me there to make the video. They didn't they took me to Vienna, which was still very nice and I had a great time making friends in the local market there and dancing around with the kids. Hooray.

The single is out in June on Fabrique Records who are HERE (I'll also remind you nearer the time)

Even though its not an Art Brut song the lyrics to it are in my book to buy HERE