Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sealandscapes/Abstract Expressionism

I've been making the same paintings over and over to say goodbye to them.

I wrote why HERE

Last week - well actually a little over two weeks ago - it was Wam! Bang! Pow! here they are about to go to the post office yesterday.

I've enjoyed painting the same thing over and over, as I knew I would, but I am eager to get to some new art -  although saying that I might still create some larger 'Ignorance is Bliss' paintings as I really enjoy making those guys.

So this week is the FINAL week of me saying goodbye to old paintings so I'm making two.


which is based on the Art Brut song Sealand.


which is about Abstract Expressionism being fun.

The paintings are on 5" x 7"canvas board in acrylic paint and cost fifteen pound each. They are numbered, stamped and signed.

You can buy them from my motherfucking shop which is HERE

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